Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How To remove Jay.exe and mveo.exe Manually

To be able to locate all the mveo.exe and jay.exe files,
1. open a windows explorer window
2. click on tools then click folder options
3. choose the view tab
4. on the hidden files and folders menu tick on show hidden files and folders.
5. uncheck hide extensions for known file types
6. uncheck hide protected operating system files (recommended)
7. click apply then ok

Next we will have to remove the jay.exe and mveo.exe files
1. Press ctrl+alt+del to open taask manager
2. In the processes tab look for the mveo.exe and end process.

To delete all the jay.exe and mveo files, search for it using the search for files and folder option in the start menu.
1. type jay.exe in the searchbar
2. click more advanced option
3. put a check on search hidden files and folders
4. then click on start search
5. delete all jay.exe entries
6. repeat steps 1-5 to search for mveo.exe
7. also delete autorun.inf file

To delete registry entries
1. click on start
2. click on run
3. in the run text box type regedit
4. press ctrl+f and type in the textbox jay.exe
5. delete all entires having jay.exe entries
6. press F3 to search the next entry.

note: if an entry is in c:\windows... edit the value and go to the end of the string and
delete only the jay.exe text on the end of the string

To edit the IE windows back to its original name:
1. open regedit
2. press ctrl+f
3. type in the searchbar window title
4. If the value that appears has the jaymyka.wen9.com value, change it to Internet Explorer
note: this would be the title bar of your Internet Explorer.

After all of these steps are done:
try to look again for the jay.exe and mveo.exe files using the search for files and folders application of windows.

after deleting all those files restart your computer.
Your Done