Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Buying A Laptop

i was looking for a laptop for my personal use and i didn't see anything close to my standards. i want my laptop to be top of the line at the same time the price must be right hehehhehe....
then i saw the laptop of my cousin and OMG!!! i was so stunned!! the looks, the power, and best of all the price. only one problem he bought it online. where did you buy it? i ask. and he told me to go to and and look for your dream laptop. so my suggestion right now is don't buy your laptop here in stores but online and have it shipped, it cost less and it is very high in quality, and don't forget to ask for an international warranty, just in case something might happen alienware one day I'll order my own.... Try and customize you own laptop and check its price here <--------

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