Wednesday, November 14, 2007 new virus spread by usb Heres a way to remove it

if you are infected by this virus just do the following to delete it manually;

1. open my computer then click tools, go to folder options, click view, select show hidden files and folders then uncheck "hide extensions for known file types" and uncheck also "hide protected operating system files" then click apply and ok.

2. now open your drive(s) using the address bar (you cannot double click your drives if you are infected) then click C: there you will see "jay.exe" and "autorun.inf", delete both of them, then go to address bar again and choose the other drives (depends on how many partition you have) TAKE NOTE: never click the "back" button, always go to address bar to select the drives,do the same procedure (like in Drive C:)

3. now go to registry editor, highlight my computer then click edit and search "" also "jay.exe" and "mveo.exe", if you see them DELETE them all, be sure you deleted all of them then restart your pc.

4. after you restart, try to open my computer and double click your drive(s), check if "jay.exe" and "autorun.inf" totally gone, and you're done.

gud luck guys

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Anil said...

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