Thursday, January 31, 2008

Show Hidden Files Issue / Problem (due to Virus)

The steps are :-

* Open registry( select run command from start menu and type regedit and then press enter)
Find this key in your registry:


Modify the string value "Type" and enter "group" as value data.

After the edit is complete hit F5 to refresh, and go look in your Folder Options
step 2
* In the left pane goto path HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer

* Delete the value CheckedValue in the Right pane by right clicking it and selecting delete. (Its type should be REG_SZ and data should be 2.)

* Create a new DWORD value called CheckedValue by right clicking in the Right pane and then selecting new -> DWORD Value and then changing the name to CheckedValue. (same as above, except that the type is REG_DWORD). Modify the value data to 1 (0×00000001) by right clicking the CheckedValue in the Right pane and selecting modify and changing the value data to 1.

This should let you change the “Hidden Files and Folders” option.

Install NOD32 and update it Then Scan your PC for viruses, i think its the win32.QQrob-32 virus that disabled this option

hope this helps Darick

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