Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Prevent Autorun USB Drive viruses

Well i was thinking of sharing this software to you Because it helped me a lot in preventing some auto-run viruses when you plug in your usb, this autorun viruses or worm sometime are immune to your anti-virus and some are just scripts that automatically attacks you pc. the software is called "USB Disk Security" you can pay for it or download it on torrent which is i think free and with serial. what this software do is simply blocks autorun.inf and script that automatically run in your pc when you plug a usb it also scans USB for threats and .EXE that are unknown, after you scanned your USB simply press delete all then your off to scanning your usb drive for other viruseswith your Anti-Virus(i prefer NOD32). Its just like having an anti-virus + an Extra security for your pc. Hope you Get the benefits of this as i did..

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